Monday, July 28, 2008

What im NOT wearing today

what the fuck has happened? Married to the Mob said it a few seasons ago "Men are the new Women". At the time i thought it was funny, but now i see that they are totally right. I really dont know what the fuck has happened but somehow it has come to pass that taking a picture of the "fit" you are wearing and posting it online is ok.... errr no it really isnt. Why the fuck are all these "straight" men dressing for the approval of other men?
i coulnt give a flying fuck what you are wearing and infact the fact that you think i might want to see (or care for that matter) just shows how fucked up things have got.
Now dont get me wrong i like good clothes, otherwise i wouldnt be in the industry, but this has just gone too far.
Youve all seen it, had it happen to you, you walk into a party and some fucking dick riding idiot looks you up and down to see what you are wearing... seriously man JOG ON! especially as these dudes dont do that to women... errr what the hell is wrong with you. When im in a party the last thing i will be looking at will be the men and their outfits.
Im sure this is just the start of a rant on this subject, so please feel free to add your comments and let me know your thoughts etc