Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wu-Tang Under-12s Football Team

They look nearly as gully as the Silent Duck Street Team. Peep the Milky Bar Kid second from the right on the top row, he's basically the backbone of the whole shit. He the head, let's put it that way. We form like Voltron and the Milky Bar Kid just happen to be the head.

I guess U-God would have to be the 2-year-old toddler mascot. Baby U, she a psychopathic thinker.



Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Free Insa, Free Booze

so on sat night the world famous artist Insa threw a party in London.
Raekwon the Duck, Young Duck , Raskit and Duck Money (introduction coming later) rolled out to this event.
It was hotter than Satans ball bag, like literally steamy, couldn't see across to the other side of the room at one point because of the haze.
However the free drinks soon helped to cool you down, especially if you used Young Ducks approach of sticking a can of Red Bull down your pants. This was particularly amusing when he tried to subtly remove it whilst talking to girl.
Kam played a dope selection of tunes that soon had the floor jumping around in anticipation of more goodness. Aycde also played some bangers... they must have played good tunes because people soon forgot how hot it was and danced the night away.
Here are some pics from the night, these were taken by Emma. For more pics of the night and other bits and bobs head over to her site
my pics will come in a different post at some point in the future.

Monday, July 28, 2008

What im NOT wearing today

what the fuck has happened? Married to the Mob said it a few seasons ago "Men are the new Women". At the time i thought it was funny, but now i see that they are totally right. I really dont know what the fuck has happened but somehow it has come to pass that taking a picture of the "fit" you are wearing and posting it online is ok.... errr no it really isnt. Why the fuck are all these "straight" men dressing for the approval of other men?
i coulnt give a flying fuck what you are wearing and infact the fact that you think i might want to see (or care for that matter) just shows how fucked up things have got.
Now dont get me wrong i like good clothes, otherwise i wouldnt be in the industry, but this has just gone too far.
Youve all seen it, had it happen to you, you walk into a party and some fucking dick riding idiot looks you up and down to see what you are wearing... seriously man JOG ON! especially as these dudes dont do that to women... errr what the hell is wrong with you. When im in a party the last thing i will be looking at will be the men and their outfits.
Im sure this is just the start of a rant on this subject, so please feel free to add your comments and let me know your thoughts etc


the weekend run down as usual:

pink high heels
a venue hotter than hell in the summer
sample shoes
red bull pants
hitler raps
speed cock
funny graff
public transport
missed chances
ignored phone calls
more fast food than is safe....
dance moves

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What the duck?

This is what the inside of my head feels like today after a night spent discussing lady troubles with Raekwon the Duck, a barmaid with a tattooed tit, a load of karoake singers and our old pal Black Sambuca. Copped.

mash out sesame

its everywhere else, so it may as well be here too

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bit late..

but the weekend involved:

missed birthday parties
dizzee rascal
ny state of mind
towed cars
fat monica
"do you want to smash my pasty?"

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

nanoo nanoo

So what better way to follow up the wrestling than to head off to a party at WAG hangout "Sketch" ?
Acyde and Reggie were holding down the ones 'n twos, poison by Bel Biv Devoe anyone?? various people in the house, including Estavan Oriol that had been doing a signing at The Stussy Store earlier in the day.
here are some pics of the night:

snoop was watching over us

Lack of pics here as Young Duck supplied triple black sambucca's, nice.

if you have been to the toilets in Sketch you will understand the title of this post...

good times

men in homo

So what did you do on saturday night? anyone watch greased up sweaty men in lycra hugging each other? ....thought not.... but hey someone has to. So we decided it should be us and took ourselves off to the Lucha Libre "fighting" at The Roundhouse in Camden.
I was some what sceptical as to how good this sort of thing can be, and that maybe the crowd would be awash with spotty comic book/video game nerds clutching their WWE top trump cards. How wrong was i?? VERY. Upon entering the venue you were immediatly struck by the fact that the crowd was infact full of very nice young ladies! Not a spotty geek to be seen....phew i thought.
Then the first fight was announced ... and i did hear the ring announcer correctly when he said the fighter was 4ft 11 "tall" ... brilliant.

check the height of the top rope in comparison to the wrestlers heads in the pic above! awesome!
towards the end the bigger lads came out to scrap.. there was one guy who had the biggest chest i have ever seen, Young Duck and I pondered the sort of exercise regime he must go through.. this pic is him, although you cant really see its a pointless photo really, enjoy

Rufus was clearly impressed!:

"i like that know Jay Zed"

The weekend involved:

midgets in lycra
pouring rain
crackheads shouting
habla espanol
triple black sambucca
egg shaped toilets
wrong footwear
Budweiser sponsorship
t-shirts that look like leather jackets
accidental cock blocking
LA Gangster
skinny arms, skinny legs but the biggest male chest you have ever seen!

more to come shortly

Thursday, July 3, 2008

custard filled are the best donuts

but then there is also


Sir Ducksalot is all about Californication this week. This new LA based series aired on some obscure cable channel so it seems to have passed under the radar, but boy is it good.
Duchovny is back in fine form playing a successful LA based screen writer who has lost his wife and muse played by Natascha McElhone whose rather male facial features keep reminding me of my ex-girlfriend. Which is nice.

Anyway this is one of those light-black comedies that the Americans do so well. Why we Brits, with our superior sense of humour, can't pull this off I don't know. Maybe when Madge gives Ritchie his balls back he'll do something similar.

I'm halfway through the first series and so far, Duchovny has fucked his ex-wife's new husband's 16 year old daughter, got a blow job from a nun, puked on his ex-wife's bed while fucking one of her friends and generally fucked lots of other women while smacking nuff whiskey and downers. You get the picture - he's getting over the loss of his family while "drowning in a sea of pussy". All very topical - as he puts it "I'm disgusted with my life, I'm disgusted with myself, but for the moment I'm ok with that."

It isn't perfect, there's schmaltz and some lame-ass indie cinematography but as a devil and angel battling on your shoulders pick me up it's the fucking bomb.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


last night we went and saw Ken K Chung's MA exhibition in Camberwell. After Young Duck over slept, smashed his phone up and arrived over an hour late we went inside.
Ken's illustrations are incredible, the detail and atmosphere in the pieces immediatly strikes you as , for want of a better word, DOPE!. His also has some dope jewellery in production.

Kenny Vitton...

here is the man himself...nice pose Ken!

for more of his work visit:
there was some more art dotted about the place, here is a look at some of it:

silent ducks made their presence known:

this guy was wearing blue shoes...street fashion...

this was my fav piece (other than Ken's obviously)

i cant remember how i got home....