Wednesday, July 2, 2008


last night we went and saw Ken K Chung's MA exhibition in Camberwell. After Young Duck over slept, smashed his phone up and arrived over an hour late we went inside.
Ken's illustrations are incredible, the detail and atmosphere in the pieces immediatly strikes you as , for want of a better word, DOPE!. His also has some dope jewellery in production.

Kenny Vitton...

here is the man himself...nice pose Ken!

for more of his work visit:
there was some more art dotted about the place, here is a look at some of it:

silent ducks made their presence known:

this guy was wearing blue shoes...street fashion...

this was my fav piece (other than Ken's obviously)

i cant remember how i got home....

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Mannequin said...

nice piece, def high on my duckonothon meter. peas