Monday, July 7, 2008

men in homo

So what did you do on saturday night? anyone watch greased up sweaty men in lycra hugging each other? ....thought not.... but hey someone has to. So we decided it should be us and took ourselves off to the Lucha Libre "fighting" at The Roundhouse in Camden.
I was some what sceptical as to how good this sort of thing can be, and that maybe the crowd would be awash with spotty comic book/video game nerds clutching their WWE top trump cards. How wrong was i?? VERY. Upon entering the venue you were immediatly struck by the fact that the crowd was infact full of very nice young ladies! Not a spotty geek to be seen....phew i thought.
Then the first fight was announced ... and i did hear the ring announcer correctly when he said the fighter was 4ft 11 "tall" ... brilliant.

check the height of the top rope in comparison to the wrestlers heads in the pic above! awesome!
towards the end the bigger lads came out to scrap.. there was one guy who had the biggest chest i have ever seen, Young Duck and I pondered the sort of exercise regime he must go through.. this pic is him, although you cant really see its a pointless photo really, enjoy

Rufus was clearly impressed!:

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