Thursday, July 3, 2008


Sir Ducksalot is all about Californication this week. This new LA based series aired on some obscure cable channel so it seems to have passed under the radar, but boy is it good.
Duchovny is back in fine form playing a successful LA based screen writer who has lost his wife and muse played by Natascha McElhone whose rather male facial features keep reminding me of my ex-girlfriend. Which is nice.

Anyway this is one of those light-black comedies that the Americans do so well. Why we Brits, with our superior sense of humour, can't pull this off I don't know. Maybe when Madge gives Ritchie his balls back he'll do something similar.

I'm halfway through the first series and so far, Duchovny has fucked his ex-wife's new husband's 16 year old daughter, got a blow job from a nun, puked on his ex-wife's bed while fucking one of her friends and generally fucked lots of other women while smacking nuff whiskey and downers. You get the picture - he's getting over the loss of his family while "drowning in a sea of pussy". All very topical - as he puts it "I'm disgusted with my life, I'm disgusted with myself, but for the moment I'm ok with that."

It isn't perfect, there's schmaltz and some lame-ass indie cinematography but as a devil and angel battling on your shoulders pick me up it's the fucking bomb.

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