Sunday, November 16, 2008

clan in the front...let your feet stomp

new york rap filled week!

so a group of us got together and went to see the GZA show in Camden.
the deal was that he would only perform tracks from his CLASSIC album Liquid Swords and his new shit. so i was stoked as i dont really like any of the other stuff he has put out.
Skinnyman was the support act , he was dope! funny and polical as ever.
Gza had a Wu affiliate with him that was good to see. The mighty Killer Priest walked on to cheers and as soon as i saw him i knew B.I.B.L.E would get played! Dope! always found it weird that that song was on Liquid Swords yet GZA had nothing to do with it and Killer Priest didnt get the credit on the album cover?!?!
anyway.. a dope show was enjoyed by the masses.
We then went on to a bar over the road here the doorman was very confused by me carrying a pair of boxed up kicks in a black bin bag.....
good times!

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