Monday, October 27, 2008

Today's Cunt Award Goes to....

So in a bid to calm Raekwon The Duck and become a bit more regular in my 'droppings' I thought I should create a weekly column and what better than a Cunt Award?

To kick things off I'm starting with a London lady called Nicky Deeley. Now, fine woman she may be - a talented artist no doubt, but there is absolutely no excuse for this:

VICE: How would you describe your style?

ND: It's direct and honest, like the moment between two samurai, when they know one sword is going to connect and there is that tiny perfect still moment when they both realise what's going to happen but it hasn't happened yet, it's beautiful and honest but also brutal. It's about finding a way as a person to connect for just a moment to a real spriritual experience. We are all trying to fill our lives with so many objects and activities to reach some kind of level, but it's pretty futile and fleeting. But on the flip side it's got loads of vibrant earthy humour and wonkiness that makes it really approachable.

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