Thursday, August 7, 2008

prehistoric b-boy making beats in my cave

yesterday i decided to take time out of the present day hustle and bustle and go back in time.
As the delorean is in the garage after a little scrape gained during the last trip out i used public transport to turn the clock back.
I havnt been to the National History Museum since i was a kid, so i was fairly keen (excited sounds too strong) to get back and see all the Dinosaurs and various artifacts.
I went with a good friend of mine, excited is NOT a strong enough word for the way she was anticipating the adventure back in time.
Well ..... it was a pretty big disappointment. When you walk in the main hall you are greeted by the world renowned spectacle of a diplodocus staring and leering over you. Now dont get me wrong , that is dope! however the experience goes rapidly downhill from here on in.
Everything and i mean everything was dirty, like really covered in the thickest dust you have ever seen dirty! The place looked like nothing had ever been looked after. Most of the stuff thats "educational" and interactive was exactly the same from went i went as a kid (roughly 20 years ago on a school trip).
Now it is free to get in this Museum, so i know they dont have a massive pot of money to splash out. They could im sure get a fuckin can of Mr Sheen and a duster tho!
here are some pics from the disappointing time travelling...

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