Thursday, June 26, 2008

Candy Store - Birmingham

This is the first in what i want to be a series of similar posts. Its where we give some shine to stores we like around the world.
First up is The Candy Store in Birmingham (

The staff in this store are real helpful and friendly, even if you do happen to witness Ian shouting at his staff haha.
They cater for men and women, some of the brands they stock are:
Not Bad for a Girl
Twelve Bar
Second Son
10 Deep
Hellz Bellz

They also carry a few dope trainers that you might not see elsewhere.
so stop by and support you local independants!
The Candy Store
Unit 14 Piccadilly Arcade
B2 4HD
0121 634 3760
(new web page coming soon)

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Anonymous said...

yeahhh, that's what i'm talkin about!! the candy store is the shiznit!!
sa sa!